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"This was an outstanding program! By far the best I've ever been to. On a personal level, I found the knowledge I received here to be be life-changing. I cannot express enough how much this seminar has changed the course of my life - both personally and on the job. I have a completely new mindset now on how I would like to lead my staff. We will be a far better team with this knowledge. I will be encouraging ALL the managers and supervisors at my firm to take part in this program."

Veronica Griffin
Bingham-McCutchen LLP

Try to define leadership. Words like vision, motivation, mentor, team-building and charisma are often used to describe a leader. The dictionary states only that leadership is "the capacity to lead". But in our opinion, the definition is straightforward: a leader is simply someone who has followers. While this definition may seem cliche, the critical element is the fact that following is always - ALWAYS - voluntary. Nobody is forced to follow. They do it because they choose to.

Leading, then, isn't something you "do" to people. Rather, it's creating an environment necessary where people make their own choice to follow you because they see the benefits to themselves to do so.

However, in order to be successful at this you must make a fundamental change in your inner self: your philosophy, your attitudes, and your assumptions about your role and towards the people who report to you. Change your inner self and your actions will follow - naturally and easily. Then, and only then, will your people begin to make the choice to follow your lead.

Teaching you how to do this is, in part, what we do.







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